General introduction of Vietnam Hydraulic Engineering Consultants Corporation - JSC.

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HEC"s head office at No. 95/2 Chua Boc street, Dong Da district, Hanoi, Vietnam
HEC's head office at No. 95/2 Chua Boc street, Dong Da district, Hanoi, Vietnam

Vietnam Hydraulic Engineering Consultants Corporation-JSC. (HEC), formerly the Department of Survey Design under the Ministry of Transport and Public Works, was founded on April 06, 1955. Realizing the Decision No.3075/QĐ-BNN-ĐMDN dated October 15, 2007 of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, HEC has operated following the joint stock company model.

HEC is the leading design, investigation and consulting enterprise in the field of water resources development in Vietnam, which brought together a large team of experienced, highly qualified and specialized professionals in water resources sector.

For over a half of century of foundation and development, HEC has investigated and designed over 800 hydraulic structures of medium and large scale, significantly contributing to the industrialization and modernization of the country. HEC trademark has become familiar to investors, operators and contractors engaged in the construction of hydraulic works. This is reflected by the presence of HEC team in most hydraulic works, the key projects of the state including Tan Giang reservoir, Cam Ranh reservoir, Cua Dat reservoir, Tan Chi pumping station, Lien Mac sluice, Hanoi dike, etc.

In addition, HEC has investigated and designed a number of hydraulic and hydropower projects in Laos, Cambodia and sent its experts to work in African countries, Laos. By cooperating with famous partners around the world including NIPPON KOE, BCEOM, LUIS BERGER, WB, ADB, etc. HEC has been gradually approached the international advanced technologies.

With its specialized knowledge, advanced equipment and procedures, HEC always believes itself in ability of meeting the client’s requirements of consulting service quality.

With its development orientation in water resources field, HEC has actively set up the development targets in order to the most effectively satisfy the increasing requirements of the clients and strive for becoming the great consulting enterprise in the region and the world. HEC firmly affirms that all products provided by HEC satisfy the set quality criteria with its slogan:

“Product quality is the top target and the largest challenge for Vietnam Hydraulic Engineering Consultants Corporation-JSC.”.

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Director: Eng. Nguyen Manh HieuAddress: 4th floor, 95/2 Chua Boc-Dong Da-HanoiTelephone: 84-024-38525339Fax: 84-024-35632169Email:
Head: Eng. Dao Hoai AnhAddress: 2nd floor, 95/2 Chua Boc street-Dong Da district-HanoiTelephone: 84-024-38526285Fax:84- 024-35632169E-mail:
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