03:34' CH 30/12/2013
01 Freedom Order
01 Labor Order, third class
03 Labor Medals.
02:55' CH 30/12/2013
• The Loi aqueduct of Thach Nham Irrigation system, Quang Ngai province. 1995
• Bau Au aqueduct of Thach Nham Irrigation system, Quang Ngai province. 1995
• Phan Dong pumping station, Ha Bac province. 1997
• Easoup aqueduct, Dak Lak province. 1998
• Main dam of Quao river reservoir headworks, Binh Thuan province. 2000
• Suoi Dau reservoir, Khanh Hoa province.2007
04:50' CH 20/12/2013
• Bau Au aqueduct of Thach Nham Irrigation System Project - Quang Ngai province. 1995
• Phan Dong Pumping Station - Ha Bac province. 1998
• Phu Gia 3 Embankment - Hanoi city. 2001
• Nhue river Irrigation System - Hanoi - Ha Tay. 2005
• Tan Giang Dam - Ninh Thuan province. 2005

• Nui Ngang Reservoir - Quang Ngai province. 2007
04:23' CH 20/12/2013
For its achievements, Vietnam Hydraulic Engineering Consultants Corporation-JSC was honorably received noble awards of the President of Socialist Republic of Vietnam including:
• 1 Independent Order, first class
• Honorable title Hero of Labour in renovation period
• 1 Independent Order, second class
• 1 Independent Order, third class
• 50 Labour Orders from third class to first class
11:24' SA 19/12/2013
HEC was granted the Certificate ISO 9001:2000 on 16/01/2004 by DET NORSKE VERITAS (DNV) of the Netherlands and on 30/11/2011, it was upgraded to Certificate ISO 9001:2008.
Members unit
Director: Eng. Nguyen Manh HieuAddress: 4th floor, 95/2 Chua Boc-Dong Da-HanoiTelephone: 84-024-38525339Fax: 84-024-35632169Email: tuvancodien@hec.com.vn
Head: Eng. Dao Hoai AnhAddress: 2nd floor, 95/2 Chua Boc street-Dong Da district-HanoiTelephone: 84-024-38526285Fax:84- 024-35632169E-mail: phongkinhdoanh@hec.com.vn ktkhhec1@hn.vnn.vn
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