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Since its foundation in 1955 up to now, Vietnam Hydraulic Engineering Consultants Corporation-JSC has overcome hardships, worked hard, creatively, unceasingly striven for water resources development cause of the country. With its dedications, The Corporation has been awarded many honorable titles by the Vietnam Communist Party, Vietnamese State. These titles include the first class independence order and many orders, awards of the State, Government, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development for units and personals of the Corporation, especially the title Labour Hero in the renovation time;

HEC has created prestige in construction of infrastructure, financial, economic management with the ministries, branches, localities; maintained credibility with customers who are partners of the Corporation in providing design and investigation services of hydraulic, hydropower projects;

HEC has assured safety for the hydraulic, hydropower projects designed by the Corporation for the past 55 years;

HEC has built awareness of radical savings in production, sales, customer service, office work, and especially in basic construction work;

Being the leading consulting Corporation in design and investigation of hydraulic projects, the Corporation has designed many hydraulic, hydropower works and systems with national and international scale, greatly contributing to rural, agricultural development cause, the national food security program;

The high consensus of the leaders and the workers of the Corporation is the glue connecting the wholeheartedness of each person, the base of the Corporation power;

With its policy toward the benefit of the customers with quality products and services, the Corporation surely affirm that all products provided to the customers reached the set quality target with the motto: The product quality is the top target and the largest challenge for the Corporation” in order to give the customers the satisfaction in quality, price and service style. This is the base for the confidence of the customers in using the Corporation’s products and services;

HEC has always given its mind to improving the legal right, benefit and other welfare of the workers; implemented talent encouragement for the child’s generations of the workers;

HEC has actively participated in social affairs with the humanitarian activities for the poor, contribution to build houses of affection, caring heroic Vietnamese mothers, taking care of wounded soldiers families, supporting people affected by natural disasters;

Cultural activities, art performance, sports of HEC have strongly developed in the past years, especially the masses art movement, these activities enhance the unity between units, contributing to actively promote the picture of the Corporation.

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