Introduction of HEC’s field of activity

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HEC’s field of activity is very diversified, including preparation of investment project of hydraulic, hydropower works, topographic survey, geologic, hydrogeologic investigation, design, construction, foundation treatment, etc. In any field, HEC always follows its slogan “Product quality is the top target and the largest challenge for Vietnam Hydraulic Engineering Consultants Corporation-JSC.”. HEC always strives for creating “position” and “power” to take up HEC to a new position and level in the future. Inheriting long experience in sector of water resources and hydropower, professional capability and experts, HEC commits to providing the best consulting service in HEC’s field of activities, including:
•    Water environment - water supply and drainage: Design of water supply and drainage, construction waste treatment;
•    Hotel business, office, real estate leasing;
•    Printing design documents, professional documents, magazines, books according to regulations and licence of authorized agencies; Import, export, agent, service on printing machine, equipment and materials;
•    Laboratory test on soil, rock, water, foundation, materials, construction structure for design, works quality inspection, construction quality verification, determination of structure failure causes;
•    Experimental construction of structures under the technological transfer research subjects including drilling, grouting, structure foundation and body treatment, reparation of speciliazed machines and vehicles, mechanic processing;
•    Preparation of environment impact assessment report for hydraulic, hydropower projects;
•    Transferring technical-scientific research results, advanced technologies in design of hydraulic, hydropower projects;
•    Construction and investment project management;
•    Participating in training, fostering engineering consultancy titles;
•    Appraising investment project, design, construction cost estimate (according to operation certificate);
•    Consulting formation of investment project, design, bidding and economic contract in construction;
•    Construction supervision of hydraulic, hydropower projects in construction and completion, equipment installation;
•    Construction supervision in geologic investigation, geodetic investigation, hydrogeologic investigation;
•    Investigation for project construction including engineering geologic investigation, hydrogeologic investigation, geodetic investigation, geophysical investigation, hydrological, environmental investigation;
•    Design includes:
o    Design of hydraulic, hydropower projects;
o    Design of electrical system of hydraulic, hydropower projects;
o    Design of power line and transformer station up to 110 KV;
o    Design of equipment installation, mechanical technologies for hydraulic, hydropower projects;
o    Mechanical design for hydraulic, hydropower projects;
o    Architectural design for construction works;
•    Formation of hydraulic, hydropower construction planning investment, preparation of total cost estimate of construction works (according to operation certificate);
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