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Hydraulic structure design

Hydraulic structure design

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Professional capability:

HEC is one of the leading enterprises in the field of technical consultancy for hydraulic and hydropower projects in Vietnam. For over 55 years of operation and development, HEC has carried out investigation and design for hundreds of small to large scale hydraulic, hydropower projects, of which there are many projects with complicated natural conditions.
Main task of hydraulic structure speciality is to design hydraulic structures of hydraulic, hydropower, domestic and industrial water supply projects (new design, repair design, failure treatment design) as follows:
• New design and extension of hydraulic work of hydraulic, hydropower projects of small to large scale include Investment report preparation, Construction investment project - Total investment estimation, Technical design - Total cost estimation, Detailed design stages, preparation of tender documents and evaluation of bidding documents;
• Preparation of technical outline for field investigation on topography, geology and engineering hydrology;
• Appraising hydraulic structure design of hydraulic, hydropower projects at all design stages;
• Main consultant in construction supervision of hydraulic structure.
Typical regulations, standards used in design:
• QCVN 04 - 01:2010/BNNPTNT: National technical regulations on elements, contents of Investment Report, Investment Project and Technical economic Report of hydraulic projects.
• QCVN 04 - 02: 2010/BNNPTNT: National technical regulations on elements, contents of technical design documents and detailed design documents of hydraulic projects.
• Vietnamese construction standard includes 11 volumes as follows:
o Volume 1 - Standard of planning, investigation, construction geodesy;
o Volume 2 - General standards on construction design;
o Volume 3 - Design standard of construction project;
o Volume 4 - Design standard of construction structure;
o Volume 5 - Technical equipment installation and design standard;
o Volume 6 - Standard of materials and construction components;
o Volume 7 - Standard of fire and explosion prevention and construction safety;
o Volume 8 - Standard of construction and acceptance of construction project;
o Volume 9 - Standard of construction and acceptance of steel and reinforced concrete structure;
o Volume 10 - Standard of soil, water, air and testing method;
o Volume 11 - Standard of testing method and construction materials.
• And many sectoral standards, internal and external procedures and standards.
Tools, equipment used in design:
• Desktop computer, laptop, printer, projector, automobile, etc.
• Software:
o AUTOCAD 2012 with copyright;
o SAP2000 UTIMATE Version V15 with copyright;
o ABACUS with copyright;
o GEOSLOPE set with copyright (including Geoslope/W, 2D and 3D seep/w; Sigma/w);
o Canal design software TKK with copyright;
o Window, winword and other office software;
o Other copyrighted software: digital resource management software, official correspondence management, etc.
o And other applied software includes: MAPINFO, ARCVIEW, AUTOCAD, etc and many software modules for design set up by HEC.
• Documents of projects are kept in archive of HEC.
Application of advanced technologies in design:
HEC has been improving in its development process, self enhanced in renovation, accordingly, many advanced technologies have been applied in design consultancy and construction. Some achievements in design consultancy of HEC are as follows:
• Application of zoned dam technology.
• Application of concrete faced rockfill dam technology.
• Application of traditional gravity dam technology.
• Application of RCC technology.
• Application of seepage treatment technology using concrete core wall in dam constructed of local materials.
• Application of suspended siphon.
• Application of overchute technology on canal.

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