09:43' SA 19/03/2014
Project location: Thach Han river in Quang TriConstruction time: Commencement: 3/1978 - Completion: 2002.Project managers: Le Van Khuong, Pham Khac Minh Hung, Pham Vu LiemProject tasks: Irrigating 17,000 ha of cultivated land
03:03' CH 18/03/2014
Project location: Headworks group is located on Ayun river in Ho Bong commune, Chu Se district, Gia Lai province (2000).Consultancy contents:- Geological investigation- Topographic survey- Preparation of feasibility study report- Preparation of technical design + Total cost estimation- Preparation of detailed design + Cost estimationProject Managers: Tran Dang Am, Le Dinh Tuyet
02:46' CH 14/03/2014
Project location: On upstream of Easuop stream in Chu Ma Lanh commune, Easup district, Dak Lak province.Construction time: Commencement on 12/6/2001Project managers: Hoang Minh Dzung, Phan Nhu Hai, Nguyen Huu Ngoc Project tasks:- Irrigation area: 9455 ha- Supplying water for domestic use- Aquaculture- Improving climate- Generating power, N=1600 kw
04:07' CH 13/03/2014
Project location: Lu river, Ninh Thuan provinceConstruction time: 1998, 2001Project managers: Gia Kim Hung,Tran Minh Tan Project tasks:Irrigating 3000 ha of cultivated land of Ninh Phuoc district.Supplying water for domestic useRetarding flood
10:48' SA 11/03/2014
Project location: Long Song river, Binh Thuan provinceConstruction time: Commencement in 2001Project managers: Le Van Ngo - Do Van Xung - Phan Van Luong Project tasks: Irrigating 4260 ha
03:13' CH 08/02/2014
Project location: Ta Trach river in Duong Hoa commune, Huong Thuy district, Thua Thien Hue provinceConstruction time: Investigation and design time: 2000-2005Construction commencement: 26-11-2005 Project managers: Luong Van Nguyen, Phan Vinh Khanh Project tasks:+ Controlling early flood, mitigating major flood for Huong river system. + Supplying water for domestic and industrial uses with Q = 2.0 m3/s+ Creating stable irrigation source for 34,782 ha of cultivated land in Huong river delta area.+ Adding fresh water source for downstream of Huong river to push saline intrusion, improve environment in lagoon area, aquaculture with Q = 25.0 m3/s.+ Generating power with installed capacity N=19.5 MW
10:45' SA 21/01/2014
Project location: Chu river - Thuong Xuan district, Thanh HoaprovinceConstruction time: Investigation and design time: 1999-2004Commencement time: 02/02/2004Project managers: Dinh Xuan Tu, Le Van Ngo, Le Manh Hiep, Hoang Minh Dzung, Vo Van LungMajor technical parameters: - Work grade: I; - Catchment area: 5938 km2; - Normal water level (NWL): 110 m; - Dead water level (DWL): 73 m; - Total storage capacity: 1,450 million m3; - Effective storage capacity: 793.70million m3; - Dead storage capacity: 268.69million m3
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