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Hydro-geologic exploration drilling is for hydro-geologic study through soil sampling for petrographic study, hole drilling for geophysical measurement and water pump-in, water-pump out test.
Professional capability:

• Establishing map:

o Hydro-geologic maps, scale from 1/25,000 to 1/500,000 with national standard;
o Hydro-geochemical map;
o Underground water extraction map;
o Actual data map;
o Underground water extraction prospect map
o Underground water extraction planning map
o Underground water contamination sensitivity map

• Establishment, submission for approval, execution, report preparation, application for implementation of following programs:

o Hydro-geologic map establishment program
o Underground water assessment program
o Underground water exploration program
o Underground water extraction program
o Underground water extraction permission asking program
o Design, construction, operation and maintenance program of underground water movement observation network.
o Hydro-geologic investigation program for drying up underground water

• Drilling boreholes for observation, exploration and exploitation of underground water:

o Investigation, design, execution of observation boreholes with diameter from 60mm to 130mm and depth from dozens meter to 650 meter.
o Investigation, design, execution of underground water exploration borehole with diameter from 90mm to 168mm, depth from dozens meter to 650 meter.
o Investigation, design, execution of underground water exploitation borehole with diameter from 90mm to 600m, depth from dozens meter to 650 meter.

• Subject research:

o Formation of chemical component and origination of underground water.
o Calculation of hydro-geologic parameters based on data of testing pumping.
o Design of drying system in construction of projects
o Artificial additional measures and applicability
o Planning of exploitation, use, protection and development of underground water resources
o Application of underground water flow model and contaminant movement model in management, protection and development of underground water resources
o Review of natural recharge from rainfall to underground water
o Actual state of underground water quality and forecast of quality change of underground water
o Optimization of underground water movement observation network
o Rainfall collection management.

Typical projects:

• Large reservoirs include: Cua Dat (Thanh Hoa province), Ngan Truoi (Ha Tinh province), Ta Trach (Thua Thien Hue province), Dinh Binh (Binh Dinh province), Tan My (Ninh Thuan province), Lower Krong Buk, Upper EaSoup (Dak Lak province), etc. Nam Saymun, Nam Cheng reservoirs in Laos, etc.
• Large pumping stations include Phu Sa (Son Tay province), Tan Chi (Bac Ninh province), Khai Thai, Van Dinh (Ha Tay province), Lac Trang, Yen Lenh (Ha Nam province), Gia Vien (Ninh Binh province), Linh Cam (Ha Tinh province), Dong Pho Sy, Tha Pha Nong Phong in Laos.
• Hanoi dike, Red river embankment, Da river embankment, Sai Gon river surrounding dike, etc.
• Irrigation systems include: Bai Thuong, Do Luong, Cau river, Ke Go, Nam Dan, Ngan Truoi - Cam Trang, etc.
• Hydropower projects include: Thac Ba, Thac Bay, Cho river, Phu Ninh, Buon Taurah, Dinh Binh, Cua Dat, Khe Dien, Nam Dong, Krong H’Nang, Pha Lai thermal power plant, etc.
• Civil construction projects include: Ha Noi city complex, Deawoo building, Hue central hospital, etc.
• Industrial works include Ha Tay Beer Factory, Bim Son Cement Factory, Dung Quat industrial zone, etc.

Application of technology in hydro-geologic investigation:

At present, HEC has following drillers: Tone, Koken (made in Japan), B53, Long year (made in Canada), hydraulic drillers XI-1, XI-1A, GX-1T (made in China).... All drilling works have been undertaken by these drillers with high reliability.

Hydro-geologic speciality has been equipped with completed testing equipment and packers (made in Belgium, France).

With the target of technology innovation, HEC has applied specialized software for geologic investigation, the software includes GP2000 (for drawing geotechnical section); HINHTRU software (for establishing borehole log).

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