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HEC provides main topographic survey services as follows:

• Investigation, project formation, preparation of technical design - cost estimation of mapping work
• Topographic, cadastral mapping with various scales
• Surveying and mapping project area
• Setting up state geodetic control network by GPS
• Measurement of displacement of high building, hydropower dam, civil works, etc
• Controlling quality of works, mapping products
• Setting up database for mapping

Application of technologies in topographic survey:

• HEC is the leading consulting corporation in topographic survey for construction of hydraulic, hydropower, industrial and civil work projects. With the team of engineers, masters and doctors trained at home and abroad, the majority of workforce is young, dynamic and enthusiastic, a team of experts with long experience in many projects, HEC pioneers in application, research and introduction of advanced technologies in production, including GPS (Global Positioning System), Digital topographic mapping, Structure displacement measurement. Application of advanced technologies in production produces high quality products, labour productivity and production efficiency are obviously increased. At present, most of advanced equipment and technologies in mapping are applied in production. The specialized software includes MapInfor, MicroStation, ToPo, DP Survey Ver 2.0, DEFANA. Leveling equipment includes Ni 004, Ni 007, Ni030 (Germany), AZ - 25 (Japan); Angle measuring devices include Wild T2, Wild T3 of Switzerland, electronic total station DTM-750, DTM-700, DTM 420 of Nikon and SET 610 of SOKIA (Japan) and GPS EPOCH 10TM L1 Spectra Precision (USA), etc.

• Using GPS and digital mapping technologies, so far HEC has carried out measurement, adjustment calculation of coordinates, elevation of various grades over the whole country making basis for measurement and mapping of topographic and cadastral maps of scale from 1/200 to 1/10,000. Since foundation, HEC has been evaluated as a capable and experienced unit in topographic mapping for design of hydraulic, hydropower projects, HEC has carried out measurement for thousands of kilometers of map, thousands kilometers of topographic cross section, longitudinal sections for hydraulic and hydropower projects including Cue Data (in Than Hoax province), Dinah Bin (in Bin Dinah province), Ta Trash (in Thus Then Hue province), Tan My (in Ninth Than province), Dong Dine, Ta Rut (in Khan Hoax province), Nag Troy (in Ha Tin province), etc, projects in Laos including Nam Cheng hydropower, Nam Thon, Hoi Ho, Dong Posy, etc.

• HEC is one of the first unit that applies respond measurement technology in observation of river bottom change. Using positioning system with GPS Map 76 CSX Pathfinder and sound measurement device F-840 (of Japan) to carried out the measurement for hundreds of routes of river topographic survey including Red river, Thai Bin river, Ad river, Lo river, Ma river, Chu river, etc.

• HEC is the leading corporation in the country in application of deformation analysis and measurement technology in large hydropower projects. Being equipped by the UN with the device Wild T3 (of Switzerland) and the software DEFANA (of Germany) for structure deformation analysis, HEC has participated in state scientific research works since 1980s including measurement and analysis of deformation of Thac Ba hydropower project in Yen Bai province, Bai Thuong, Cua Dat dams in Thanh Hoa province, Dinh Binh dam in Binh Dinh province, Xa Huong dam in Vinh Phu province, Day dam in Hanoi and other high buildings.

• The mapping procedure has been completed, closed from field survey to office processing, HEC’s products including digital maps always have high quality, meeting requirement of time and quality. HEC is not only the reliable counterpart of agencies and units at home, but also of joint-venture companies abroad.

Typical projects:

• Cua Dat hydropower;
• Dinh Binh hydropower;
• Nuoc Trong hydropower;
• Ta Trach hydropower;
• Nam Dong hydropower;
• A Roang hydropower;
• Khe Dien hydropower;
• Dak Pone hydropower;
• Tien Thanh hydropower project in Cao Bang province.

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