General introduction of HEC’s personnel

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General introduction of HEC’s personnel

Over 55 years of operation in construction consultancy and especially from the equitization in 2008, so far, HEC has been the professionally contractor in the field of investigation, design of hydraulic, hydropower projects.
Being proud of a team of experienced and creative engineers, managers, and ISO 9001 – 2008 product quality management system, strong financial foundation, HEC has overcome many challenges to achieve significant achievements and confirm its trademark and sustainable development target.
Organization structure of HEC consists of 08 branches, divisions, centers and representative offices at home and abroad. In addition, HEC has 02 subsidiaries and 02 associated companies with head offices located in provinces all over the country.
Personnel of HEC at present consists of 852 people, of which:
• Parent company: 602 people
• Subsidiaries: 144 people
• Associated companies: 107 people
• Doctor: 03
• Master: 40
• Engineer: 413
• Worker, staff: 396

From the foundation up to now, nearly 300 people who worked at HEC have been assigned by the State many responsibilities including Member of Party Central Executive Committee, Secretary of provincial committee of the Party, deputy minister, chairman of provincial people’s committee, hero of labour, etc., many people have been promoted the title professor, associate professor, doctor, manager of projects, scientific subjects, etc.

Leaders of HEC over periods at the 30th Anniversary of HEC' Foundation

From the left: Mr. Phan Sy Ky, Mr. Le Tinh, Mr. Vu Khac Man, Mr. Nguyen Van Bac,

Mrs. Pham Khac Minh Hung, Mr. Le Van Hop, Mr. Pham Vu Dau, Mr. Nguyen Manh Thuong

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