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With a team of experienced hydrologic, hydro-energy and environmental experts, HEC has well dealt with hydrologic, hydro-energy, environmental and ecological problems.
Professional capability:

The hydrology and environment speciality can undertake following main tasks:

• Consultancy for preparation of TOR for subjects impacting livelihood during migration, resettlement, impacts of project construction and operation on biodiversity in land, aquatic species, water and air environment.
• Implementation of investigation for assessment of foundation environment, consultancy for preparation of natural environment assessment report (water, air, biodiversity in land, aquatic species, ecology, etc.), social environment assessment report (resettlement migration planning, livelihood assurance, social safety policy, gender policy, community consultation, etc.).
• Consultancy for preparation of environment impact assessment report (EIA) for projects in the field of water resources, hydropower, industry, agriculture, planning with national and international scale.
• Consultancy for preparation of general planning, resettlement migration, survey, investigation for establishment of soil maps, rural and agricultural planning.
• Consultancy for preparation of social - environment documents (EMDP, EMP, RP) for borrowing loan from international credit organizations including WB, ADB, JICA. JBIC…
• Survey, hydrologic investigation and calculation of hydro-meteorological condition for hydraulic, hydropower, transport projects from planning stage to detailed design stage with grade from small to special one.
• Consultancy for verification of hydrologic, environmental and hydro-energy reports.

Equipment and expert capability:

• With a team of over 20 experts including experienced masters and engineers in the field of environmental consultancy (water, air environment, ecology, water - air treatment technology, sociology, agriculture, soil science, law, etc.) and hydrologic investigation and calculation.
• Beside the experienced experts, the hydrology and environment speciality has been equipped with equipment for hydrologic and environment investigation.

Technologies for calculation:

• Application of models in calculating and forecasting the diffusion of pollutants in air environment, heat transmission, oil spill assessment, etc.
• Application of WASP, WERA software in calculating wind power potential.
• Application of Tank and Nam models in calculating runoff on basin.
• Application of Mike 11, HEC-RAS
• Application of HEC-HMS software in calculating flood on basin.
• Application of HEC-6, HEC-RAS software in calculating reservoir sedimentation process.

Typical projects:

• North Chu river - South Ma river canal system, Thanh Hoa province
• Ngan Truoi reservoir headworks, Ha Tinh province
• Repairing, upgrading headworks of 5 large pumping stations of North Nam Ha Irrigation system, Nam Dinh province.
• Soi river irrigation system - Weir and irrigation canal, Bac Giang province.
• Suoi Vuc reservoir, Phu Yen province.
• Van Lang reservoir, Thai Nguyen province.
• Thuy Yen, Thuy Cam reservoir, Thau Thien Hue province.
• Water supplying for improvement of Tich river, Hanoi city.
• Pho Day embankment, Tuyen Quang province.
• Repairing, upgrading Vuc Sanh reservoir, Quang Binh province.
• Tien Thanh hydropower, Tien Thanh province.
• Ban Mong reservoir, Son La province.
• Grouting Da Mai reservoir, Quang Tri province.
• Nam Cat reservoir, Bac Can province.
• Son Tinh pumping station, Phu Tho province.
• Main East and West canal system of IaMo reservoir.
• Repairing Quao river reservoir and Dan Sach dam, Binh Thuan province.
• Repairing intake of Phu Ninh reservoir, Quang Nam province
• Ea HLeo reservoir, Dak Lak province.
• Suoi Dau 2 reservoir, Khanh Hoa province.

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